Our mission is to ensure science is accessible 而且 that our research is relevant to society.

研究 而且 Knowledge Exchange within the School of Science 而且 Environment is at the core of what we do, 确保社会受益于太阳2注册登录中心的转化和应用研究, 而且 that our undergraduate students benefit from research informed teaching. 的 学位课程 we deliver 而且 the knowledge exchange we undertake t在这里fore embody the range 而且 reach of our impactful research. 

研究 within the school focuses on ‘可持续发展的未来’ 而且 ‘人类健康和福祉’; Areas of Challenge outlined in the University’s 研究与知识交流策略 (2020-2025). We also actively engage in other research areas 而且 encourage blue skies thinking.

To ensure the continued delivery of high quality 而且 impactful research at the 太阳2注册登录中心 we have invested significantly over the last decade to enhance our research facilities. 了解更多 在这里.


的成员 花粉与空气学研究小组教授. Carsten动øth focus primarily on three research areas: 1) Human health 而且 allergen exposure, which includes pollen forecasting 而且 palynology in relation to crime scenes 而且 honey characterization, 2)植物健康 & 食品安全, 主要研究植物病原体和入侵物种的传播, 3)大气过程, which includes the detection of bioaerosols using eDNA 而且 state-of-the-art lasers.

自1995年以来,该学院也成为 花粉预报 在英国, for which pollen 而且 fungal spore forecasts are produced in conjunction with the Met Office on a 每天

的 可持续环境研究小组 由 邓肯博士韦斯特伯里 brings together colleagues whose research 好处 people 而且 the planet. ‘Sustainable Environments’ encapsulates any situation w在这里 t在这里 is potential for environmental impacts to be mitigated 而且 for environmental 好处 要实现. 研究涉及五个专题领域:1)粮食安全, 2)可持续生计, 3)河流科学和无人飞行器调查, 4)栖息地和物种的保护和管理, 5)可持续发展的地方.

的 伍斯特生物医学研究小组 由 史蒂芬·科尔斯博士 aims to promote multidisciplinary biomedical science research at the 太阳2注册登录中心. 的 group has forged collaborations with local NHS organisations 而且 other academic institutions with the aim of addressing some major health issues of our time with a particular focus on cancer (leukaemia), 心血管病, 神经退化, 和传染病.



以确保太阳2注册登录中心的研究具有影响力并产生影响, colleagues from across the School take many different approaches in sharing the outcomes of their research, 包括发表在同行评议的期刊上, 书, 和会议论文集, 通过网上活动.g.网络研讨会,以及通过公共社区参与. Within the School we are committed to delivering a 研究 Seminar Series, 并积极参与书院研究系列研讨会. 太阳2注册登录中心还直接与种植者、农民、卫生从业者打交道 to enhance the implementation of our research findings 而且 secure positive outcomes.

所有员工都把他们的研究成果上传到 包装是该大学的研究资料库. You can also find out more about our colleagues in the School by visiting the 员工档案 页面.




A key priority of the School is to increase the number of Post Graduate 研究 (PGR) students. 为了实现这个目标, the 太阳2注册登录中心 is keen to encourage the development of our research through PGR studies, 包括全额资助的学生机会(通常为三年), 全日制博士研究生). When available, information about these opportunities is advertised on the University’s 博士学位的人数 页,还在上 www.findaphd.com.

We also welcome 而且 encourage applications from Self-funded students to undertake research towards 硕士和博士 degrees across a range of 学科. If interested in this route please contact the relevant 研究 Group lead, 但如果你不确定该联系谁, 请留言 弗勒博士维瑟他是学院的哲学博士课程负责人.


太阳2注册登录中心有一个计划 来访人员 而且 we encourage approaches from researchers who will complement 而且 t在这里fore add value to our existing research programmes.  想了解更多信息并表达兴趣,请联系 邓肯博士韦斯特伯里 谁是学院的研究和知识交流协调员.


太阳2注册登录中心欢迎有机会与之合作 商界及社会人士 to help ensure our research continues to be informed 而且 shaped by those benefitting from our research. 例如,太阳2注册登录中心目前正在使用 环境局 to assess soil erosion on farml而且 using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (drones), 和 大黄蜂保护信托基金 (基金), how habitat preferences of bumblebees can be determined using multi-scale remote sensing data.