The 人文学院的 has an ambitious 和 lively research culture. We are a community of historians, theorists 和 practice-led researchers. 

研究 processes are fundamental to the work 和 development of our undergraduate 和 postgraduate students, whose teaching is enriched by the research activity 和 interests of doctoral 和 postdoctoral researchers, all of whom are also experienced 和 committed teachers.  

Our academics regularly achieve national 和 international peer recognition for their contributions to knowledge, 和 we are committed to sharing the outcomes of their work publicly, 从事知识转移, to the benefit of communities within our region. Much of our activity involves partnerships with colleagues based in other universities 和 with professional organisations 和 companies.

Our research in English Studies ranges from original poems 和 performances, 到文学批评和文化理论, to ethnographic language studies 和 computer-assisted linguistic analysis. Striving for excellence in all areas therefore entails the celebration of diversity in ‘English Studies’, 和 a commitment not only to pure subject specialisation, but also to the interdisciplinary work which challenges traditional boundaries.

Historical research in the School spans early modern Britain, 殖民西非, 和现代英国, 爱尔兰, 和美国. Areas of thematic strength in research include gender, 帝国主义, 奴隶制, 政治文化, 和宗教历史. 


教授. 达伦Oldridge

教授. Nicoleta Cinpoes

教授. 约翰Parham